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Listen When You Cry

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It used to be just you and me alone
Disembodied voices on the phone
And in me you would confide
All those fears you held inside
And I’d always listen when you cried

Watched you grow darker ev’ry night
Struggled to guide you to the light
Not my place to criticize
I bandaged up your wrists and thighs and
I would always listen when you cried

You’re so quiet now
I fear I’ve injured you somehow
And I apologize
But I don’t know why

Everything I have I’d spend
Hold you in my arms again
To listen when you cry

I know I’m just wastin’ your time
I feel my words don’t get through
When I try to talk to you
You just sit there silent while I cry

You don’t know what it’s like
You’re never wrong, I’m never right
I feel so empty inside
But I think that’s what you like

Always fighting to defend
Accusations never end
And you only listen when I cry

All that time spent starin’ at your phone
When we’re together I feel alone

Laughs and pics sent down the line
Seems you’re leavin’ me behind
But he’s never made me cry…
Yeah, tell him that I always made you cry

Lure him with every trick you got
Tell him it’s love when you know it’s not
It’s easier with him –– I realize
It’s easier to fantasize

You won’t have to listen to me cry
You never were a burden to me
That’s a lie

You can let him smear your makeup
You can let him crawl inside your dress
But when he takes your clothes off
I bet he’ll find there ain’t nothin’ left

Don’t you waste your time
Mask your lies with tear-soaked eyes
I ain’t here to hear ya cry

Said you’d stay through thick and thin
Now you turn your back on me again
No I ain’t here to hear you cryin’