1. Highway

From the recording An Old Song I Used to Sing

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I know what they say
About plans best laid
Am I a mouse
Am I a man

I've learned in my day
To let one slip away
But this is gettin outta hand
This is gettin outta hand

Got a secret I'm tryin to hide
Some things you gotta lock up tight
If they come scratchin round my trunk
They're gonna meet my little .45

I'm tired of my runnin
Tired of my hidin
Tired of this life I lead

Sometimes you gotta make a cut
Just to see if you still bleed
Cuz there's a killer on the highway
Killer on the highway

Little girl runnin out alone
To prove that mama couldn't make you stay
They try to scare you with that same old shit
But you don't listen to a word they say

Mama says if you're gonna go then go
Go ahead and make my day
You better head on home
Leave that dream alone
Cuz there's a killer on the highway

There's a killer on the highway
Killer on the highway

She got her thumb held high
She said can I catch a ride
I said just one more time