From the recording An Old Song I Used to Sing

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Arlie Can You Hear Me?

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Arlie can you hear me
Are you fallen down
Been around before
And I know you’re runnin

Brave face to the world
But I know you
You’ll be movin on when the money’s gone
And we’ll fade away

Arlie are you in there
Am I gettin through
Would you come back home
If I said I loved you

Your smile hides a thousand lies
I remember
There’s a girl I knew looked just like you
But you wouldn’t do that to me would ya

(Battle for the truth) You made me do it
(World hidden from view) You led me to it
Now I see a new reality

Every morning
I can feel it
Creakin in my bones
I ain’t got much further to go

I gaze into the mirror
And the face I see look back at me
Well I never met him before

Oh no
Oh no
No never met him before