From the recording An Old Song I Used to Sing

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Gordy Comes to Reason

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Standing on a mountain
Hopes and prayers of my forebears
The Morning Star points the way
Into a world unknown

A battle's coming
If I journey forward
But this is what I've trained for
And so I travel alone

So I travel alone

Reason stands before me
A black and smoking dragon
The evils of my folklore manifest in flesh
Upon his throne

And she's on his right hand
Her long hair dark and flowing
And with those blackened eyes she's saying
Boy you shoulda left it alone

Boy you shoulda left it alone

My sword unsheathed and heavy
Been waiting my whole life
I guess I'm ready
And she reaches out an offering

If I can prove my gods' might
Then we don't even have to fight
She and Reason will simply stand aside

I point my sword toward the sky
Silence is my gods' reply
And anger drives my steel into the stone

And Arlie can you hear me
Through the sound of falling trees
We wore religion's chains like jewelry
I wish you'd call but
I'm too gone to find the phone
Don't know who I am no more

Drive the steel into the stone
The earth cracked
The chasm grows
Steel into the stone

Pierce the very heart of faith
Steel into the stone!

And she presses against my body
And I feel the darkness growing
My heart begins to harden
And my old beliefs are leaving

From this vision I awake
And through my blackened eyes
I watch the fettered stumble round

Mothers guard their children
As I walk down city streets
As if my visage will corrupt them

In the shop's window
I catch a glimpse of my reflection
A black and smoking dragon
The evils of my folklore manifest

(I've had this dream before)
(Like I've been here before)
A black and smoking dragon
The evils of my folklore manifest

(I lived this life before)
(Fought this battle before)
(Evils of my folklore manifest)